Portable Water Pumps

Water Pumps

6 HP Portable Water Pumps

Honda is truly the best in small engines. Direct mounted to an IPT aluminum pump. Made in USA. It is an excellent pump for sprinklers, drip irrigation, small guns, filling tanks, etc. Rain-Flo buys direct from the manufacture, that is why we can sell at so low prices! Available in high volume - low pressure or high pressure - lower volume. (see charts) Runs 2.5 hour on a tank of gas.

Honda Motor Water Pumps
Pump Charts

IPT Pumps With 6.5 HP Honda Engine With Oil Alert

Model Description Price
2P5XHR 2" Pressure Pump with roll cage $725.00
2S5XHR 2" Trash Pump with roll cage $725.00
3S5XHR 3" Trash Pump with roll cage $780.00

6 Gallon gas tank with quick removable coupler. Features a fuel level gauge, bolts on roll cage, runs approx. 12 hours on 6.5 HP Honda.........$105.00

Using Sprinklers? When using the 2P5 pump for sprinklers it can run 2-30 small sprinklers or one bigger gun, Komet #163 or #8025 Senninger. These guns will cover approx. 1/3 acre persetting. One full tank of gas will do approx. 1" water on 1/3 acre in approx. 2.5 hours.

9 HP Portable Water Pumps

Ideal for solid set irrigation, small to medium travelers, or drip irrigation. The self priming Monarch Pump unit with 9 HP Honda engine is base-mounted with carry handle and is a good choice for medium to high pressure application.

Monarch Pump

Description Price
Pump Model #NSGF-8H $1,375.00
Roll Cage #RC8 $85.00
12 Gal. Tank (w/quick connect & saddle) $128.00

9.8 HP Portable Water Pumps

Self priming Franklin Pump unit with 9.8 Hp Kohler Diesel engine. Electric and Recoil start. Fuel consumption approximately ½ GPH.

Monarch Pump

Description Price
Pump Unit #NSGF-KD $2,975.00
Roll Cage #RC8 $85.00

13 HP Volume Pump Units

  • *Cast aluminum construction with cast iron diffusers
  • *High effi ciency two-stage precision cast aluminum impellers
  • *Three-way cast iron discharge port
  • *Viton mechanical seal with silicon carbide and carbon faces
  • *Built in fl apper/check valve permits self priming to 20’.
  • *Heavy duty steel roll frame included
  • *2” inlet and 1½” outlet
Monarch Pump

Description Price
#2MP5HR - 5 HP Honda $1,065.00
#2MP9HR - 9 HP Honda $1,545.00
#2MP13HR - 13 HP Honda $1,950.00

16 HP Portable Water Pumps

Ideal for solid set irrigation, small to medium travelers, or drip irrigation. Features: Vanguard "V"-twin 16 HP engine, over-head valve design for 20% less fuel, quality BERKELEY pump with priming check valve, priming pump, and tack hour meter. Comes complete with heavy duty roll cage, 12 gallon gas tank, throttle, recoil rope start and 12 volt electric start. Approximately .9-1.3 gallon gas per hour. Manufactured by Rain-Flo Irrigation.

Berkeley 16hp Pump
Description Price
B1½ TQMS 16HP Pump Price: $2,800.00

23 HP High Pressure Pumpmp

Vanguard V-Twin 23 HP Engine with electric start. AMT Aluminum Fire Pump 2½ NPT Threads Exhaust Primer 10 Gallon Alum Fuel Tank Includes Roll Cage

Berkeley 16hp Pump
Description Price
23 HP Vanguard Pump #23FP Price: $3,900.00